French Mango is all about empowering you to create a home that feels like your own and giving you the confidence to add colours to your decor. 

I am a Interior Design student at the Bristish Academy of Interior Design and I specialise in Eclectic Decor because life is too short for strict rules and guidelines.

A house becomes a home once you make it a place that tells your story: past, present and future all mixed into one and trends are there to inspire you not to guide you. 

Thank you for being here and I hope you find what you are looking for to help you create the home that feels just right for you.

The need to create a cocoon around my family has always been important.

I am Peggy, French, a mother of boys and an aging golden retriever, married to a Brit and we have been living in Chicagoland since 2014.

The truth is that I spend most of my time feeling homesick. 

I miss Europe pretty much constantly and creating a home that resemble us is a must for my happiness. 

My passion for home decor and houses in general is as old as I am.

I have always been mesmerized by other people’s homes and how they live in it. Doll houses, my magic tree home (anyone remember those), pop up books making details of homes come to life, sneaking a look into people’s living room when walking back home in the evening (the perks of city life in the UK)…

How people decorate and use their space has always have some sort of hypnotising effect on me and I could spend hours looking at each detail that collectively tell the story of the people living in them.

I grew up with my nose stuck in Art et Décoration Magazines

My mum was collecting interior magazines and when most young girls were into Club Barbie Magazine, I was into French Home Decor magazines. Her collection started from back in the mid 60s and I remember picking one at a time and imagining what life could have been like in one of these decors.

It is no wonder that the first job I said I really wanted to do was Architect but life happened and this didn’t.

My professional career led me down different paths and when we moved, I closed my freelance gig as an online marketing consultant and web designer and abandoned myself into creativity to eventually become an embroidery artist.

I truly enjoyed designing patterns and teaching embroidery but at the end of 2022 I decided to put it to rest to focus on Interior Design and on creating a colourful home, starting with mine.

And just like that I became a student again currently studying with the British Academy of Interior Design to become a qualified Interior Designer and I launched this blog as way to share, connect and collect inspiration along the way.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy reading!

Peggy x